Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cold Day in the Sun

With sub-zero temperatures and frosty nights over the last week we weren't expecting to do anything on the plot today, but decided to walk up to feed the birds in the afternoon.
The sun was shining and the sky was such a fabulous blue that we opted to walk along the towpath which was frozen solid, as was the canal!
There was evidence that some boats had moved but most were moored in sunnier spots with their heaters on and doors shut down.
There were lots of thrushes, robins and wrens on the allotment - quite a bit of squabbling too as they try to protect their territories.
The sun's heat had managed to melt the top layer of frost, but where the heat didn't get through there were interesting things to look at:
A frosty brick, looking like a frozen landscape in miniature
Puddles which had frozen - is this a spanish galleon?...
Then melted and re-frozen trapping the air bubbles in bizaare shapes (I'm pretty sure there's a sea creature in there).
We left before the sun went down. I got up before the sun today, specifically to take photos of the steamy River Dun from the A4 bridge. It was beautiful, but so cold!
And today's song title is brought to you by Foo Fighters...


  1. We had planned to do some work on the plot today as it was supposed to have been a bright day. It turned out that it was cold and gloomy and miserable so we stayed at home. Those ice patterns incredible.

    1. We're determined to do something up there today. At least to tidy up and prepare for the garlic, though I seem to have been saying that for a while...


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