Saturday, 19 March 2016

Preparing for Sprouts

What a cold, grey day, but it wasn't raining and it's March so we had a few hours on the allotment this afternoon. This is the plan for Plot 7 this year - rather more basic than previous years, but it's enough for now.
Today I worked on the Brussels Sprouts plot. We're having it the same size as last year, enough room for three plants.
Not too bad to dig and looked so much better as soon as the weeds and old swedes were removed. I dug some manure/compost in for a bit of added nutrition, but sprouts don't like too much.
And because it's for sprouts the ground needs to be trampled down - otherwise the sprouts will 'blow', that is, grow with loose leaves rather than a nice tight little parcel of deliciousness (I love sprouts!).
And finally, some weed suppressant which will be weighted down with bags of compost to make sure the ground underneath is nice and firm before the sprout plants are planted in a few months time.
Jamie was still fighting the raspberries and couch grass on Plot 3 to make way for the spuds. I think that will be my job too tomorrow...


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