Sunday, 27 March 2016

Across the Marsh in March

It's an early Easter this year, so a bit too soon for our spuds to go in. We had a lovely Good Friday, digging on Plot 3, but yesterday and today have been rainy so no digging. We've walked via the allotment both days though; we're waiting for our broad beans to germinate; the salad leaf has sprouted already. Today we ventured through rain, wind and bright sunshine across Freeman's Marsh and back through town when this amazing rainbow appeared.
Buds are emerging on the trees and shrubs so it won't be long now...
Looking forward to the rhubarb which is normally one of our first harvests.
The birds are pairing up and singing their little heads off in the hedges - masses of robins, starlings and blackbirds, but I can't resist a photo of the swans who look so clean against the dark water today.
The recent rainy weather has made the marsh very wet in places.
I love these grass tussocks alongside the stream.
Red kites are always flying over the allotment and this one was enjoying the windy weather over the marsh today.
Back home now and we've just had some loud claps of thunder - Storm Katie announcing herself I think! I hope there's some lightning when it gets dark!


  1. Beautiful rainbow! and the rhubarb is so beautiful, interesting!

  2. Happy Easter. Enjoy your rhubarb!

    1. I think we'll get our fist serving in May...

    2. I've just seen that we had our first stems on April 21st last year. That's not too long to wait! Hooray!

  3. How lucky to regularly see red kites. One release site was north of us but none have spread to us yet.

    1. They are lovely to see. So huge yet agile


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