Monday, 27 July 2015

Te presento...

Papas de Tenerife! Our first harvest of Tenerife potatoes!
And they really were that bright - (though we did spray water on the tubers so they show up a bit better against the earth). As you can see, they seem to grow very close to the top of the plant. There weren't any tubers lower than the top mass of roots.
Some of them are tiny (less than 3cm) but we think that's how they're meant to be pulled - the largest is only 6cm. Not sure how the plants in bags have fared, though the haulms appear to be similar to these which were planted in the ground.
Some of those little chaps will become part of the roasted vegetable dinner I'm doing later - it will consist of beetroot, garlic, onion, carrots, courgettes and a couple of florence fennel bulbs. I'll dauphinois some of our rosabelle potatoes to go with the roasted veg. Delicious!

We also got a bit of sowing done in the howling wind: Boltardy beetroot, salad onions, Kohl Rabi, Pak choi, Chinese radish, lettuce and rocket. That should extend our salad eating to coincide with our tomatoes - well, that's the plan... If it doesn't all get blown away!
Our new plot defender!


  1. Loving all your veg and the new present guarding the trug.

  2. You should definitely have got your five a day with that meal. To be perfectly honest I don't really know how I feel about purple potatoes.

  3. Have just harvested the first of my Salad Blue spuds grown in pots.About the same size as the Tenerife ones but purple all the way through.Fabulous flavour and soak up gravy.
    Nice and clean with no slugs but will have to see how the ones on my allotment fare this year against the pests.
    Might give Canarian spuds a go next year even though they did try to ban UK ones recently for having too high a soil content!

    1. Tenerife certainly doesn't have much actual soil from what I've seen. I wonder if they ever have a slug problem at all!?
      Ooh, purple all the way through is good. We grew Congo one year and they were brilliant

  4. So lovely! I have never seen purple potatoes before! Is the taste like as common potato?

    1. Yes, they are just like normal spuds (potatoes!)

  5. Your meal plan sounds delicious and very colourful. I love colourful food.


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