Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Fun in the Sun Weekend

On Saturday morning we did the last bit of tidying on plots 7 and 8 for the Hungerford in Bloom judging on Sunday. We had to do it Saturday morning because in the afternoon it was the plotholders' barbecue and we knew we wouldn't want to do much after the event. I was cooking the veggie burgers - the Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers went down very well among vegetarians and meat eaters. And I fried the onions in Oak-smoked Rapeseed Oil.
Geoff's home-made piccalilli was the perfect accompaniment and Kerry's home-made elderflower cordial was delicious and refreshing in the sunshine.
It was a lovely day for a barbie and with 25 guests it made for a great afternoon. The last of these photos was taken after we polished off all the beer, wine and Kerry's home-made Green Walnut liqueur! (I only learned that walnuts grew in Britain a couple of years ago!)

So, Sunday morning was the Hungerford in Bloom allotment judging and we couldn't be on site. I entered Plot 7 and Jamie entered Plot 8. Plot 7 got a 'highly commended' I think we missed out  because the lettuce, broad beans and mangetout on Plot 7 are all looking a bit tired and seedy now. Not to worry, at least it meant our plot had some particularly good weeding sessions (mostly by Jamie) over the last week and the Marsh Lane Site gets a mention in the local news so residents remember we're here and are perhaps reminded that the lease on our land expires next April :-(

Well done to the prize winners: 1st, Chris; 2nd, Our plot neighbour, Neal equal 2nd with Liz & Ken; and 3rd, newcomers Tui & Glen, who have done a great job on their plot. This is a photo I took of their fabulous hollyhock the other day - the flash has made the middle of the flower glow beautifully.


  1. What a shame you didn't win but highly commended is good. Standards must be VERY high😦

  2. You picked a good day for it.

  3. That's a nice moment! The color of the hollyhock is really unusual, So interesting!

  4. Lovely pictures. Is that hollyhock really black? Fantastic.


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