Wednesday, 29 July 2015

(Almost) All the Colours of the Rainbow

Love that little hoverfly in the background!
Because it's that time of year even if the weather has forgotten!
The Tenerife potatoes are still in full flower, although the foliage on the potato bags aren't looking so healthy.
One of the cornichon plants seems to be forming a flower on top. That can't be right, but we have the two other plants and lots of little gherkins are forming so we'll wait and see what it does...
The row of pot marigolds along the greenhouse were all self-seeded and are looking beautiful with all their different oranges and yellows.
The tomatillo fruits are forming their little lanterns - one fruit at each branch joint.
The wild flowers are coming on nicely but would probably appreciate a bit more sun (and so would I).
The chillies are producing well, I really hope they're not too hot to eat.
Shame we didn't see the Beechgrove Garden episode which included information on growing peppers as cordons till this week; perhaps we could have helped the plant produce more than 3 fruits.
Even the compost is colourful today.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - well, I got close but my rainbow includes pink rather than indigo I think!


  1. So lovely! You're right, your compost heap is so colorful like as rainbow.
    Happy gardening!

  2. It's all amazing - I am certainly not going to show you pictures of mine!!

    1. Oh dear, too much dancing, not enough weeding? 😃 As long as you're enjoying the summer hols!

  3. Lovely pix. Have enjoyed browsing through all the colours.

  4. That marigold is an unusual flower. What variety is it?

    1. It self-seeded from ones we planted last year. They were called something like 'oranges and lemons'. I think as they begin to fade the petals turn that way. Pretty

  5. Lovely pics. I like the look of the tomato lantern. Does the fruit taste like tomato?

    1. It's a bit more sour when its picked green to make salsa (I understand). Or you can let the fruit go purple and use to make jam.
      We'll see how many we the moment the shrouds seem to be empty...


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