Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Jamming Session

Our strawberries are still providing but there are lots that look a bit dodgy. We popped to the allotment and picked very selectively for our first venture into jam making.
We selected this easy microwave method and decided to make 3/4 of the recipe amount because one of the comments said it climbs the bowl walls while cooking and we weren't sure if our bowl would contain it...
Climbing now..
Well, I'm pleased to say it did. We cooked the 375g jam sugar, 375g fruit and 37.5g lemon juice for 12 minutes, rather than the full 15.
Final 2 mins
And there you are - 2 jars of strawberry jam! One to eat this week and one to keep for a while to see how it lasts. (The bowl scrapings were fabulous with ice cream - not unbearably sweet like the recipe may seem)


  1. Well that`s interesting. Did it set? I made some this a.m with half lemon and half packet of pectin. It`s still a bit runny. Don`t know what else I can do really. It does make a good pouring sauce as you say.

    1. Yes, it certainly set on the cold plate - I've got a feeling it may be too set. Jamie will be testing the first jar on a sandwich later today so I'll let you know...

  2. That sounds great and quite easy to make. I haven't got a microwave but Paul has made it in the breadmaker in the past. But of course the breadmaker is in storage­čśÉ


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