Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mostly About Birds

It was another cold day but lovely and bright so we took some more compost up to the plot and picked a cabbage and couple of carrots. The carrots have a few smal holes, but look more like slug damage than carrot fly. We've still got a few more cabbages to eat. They're not very big, but perfect for the two of us once all the outer leaves are removed. These should be even tastier now we've had a frost too (apparently..).
We did a spot of bird watching while we were at the site. One of the little egrets circled round then flew back to the marsh, but we were mainly watching a female blackbird and a robin. We had taken some mealworms with us and put them on the fenceposts. Mrs B was there within minutes (yes, same name as last year's female blackbird - must be a relation :-})
Good camouflage against the bare hedgerow
We're hoping to get them tame like we did a couple of years ago. Though Jamie is worried that the robin is too at risk of becoming kestrel bait as may have happened previously :-(
I thought this looked quite arty, filmed into the sun and with a little bit of  'studio engineering'
We left as the sun was sinking but there were still some plotholders working - good to see!

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