Saturday, 31 January 2015

Brrr, Wind Chills but Signs of Spring

Look! The first flower on the plot! It seems very early; the other grape hyacinths haven't even got buds that I could see. Lovely to see signs of spring on their way.
Brrr, it's been chilly though the thermometer only shows it's been down to 0° in the last week, the wind chill has made it horrible. Plus having another cold - Jamie and I are taking it in turns this year, so just a quick visit to the plot to feed the birds. It was 5° while we were there so really didn't want to stay long!
Mrs B waiting for her tea
We were pleased to see a little (tiny) weasel - or possibly stoat, the jury's still out - frolicking on the site. It really looked like one of those toys they sell on invisible string - very sweet, but from what I've read, not if you're a mouse or baby rabbit!
More pics on my wildlife blog
The mole has also been very busy over the last week! Not sure if it's going to or from the manure, but it certainly leaves its mark. Moles aren't bad for allotments; they show your soil is well dug and has plenty of worms, but I know some of the plotholders get upset when they emerge amongst their beans and salad veg!
Molehills marking the route

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