Sunday, 11 January 2015

Last mention of Christmas..?

It's been so windy recently but no damage on our plot, just a few pots and netting re-arranged. One plot on site looks like a tornado hit; with cloches and cages topsy-turvy.
We had a quick visit to add some vegetable peelings and Christmas tree cuttings to the compost bin. Apparently once rotted (which may take a good long while) the Christmas tree compost shouldn't be much more acidic than 'normal' compost. It'll probably stay in the Dalek for at least a year.

While on the site we dealt with a tree that had fallen onto the fence between our Marsh Lane site and the private allotments next door. It was mostly a dead trunk covered in heavy ivy, so didn't take too much work - but I had to be photographed because of my amazing sawing-action :-)
There, that's better!


  1. We still have to check out our plot after the last lot of gales, It's a constant battering. Missed this on my blogger feed on Sunday

    1. We may need to check again too after last night!
      I cheated a bit and didn't actually post this till yesterday, but put the date as Sunday. I use the blog as a record of what we did so it doesn't help if I'm tardy and put the date I actually get round to writing up! Good to know though, I didn't realise the blogger feed was based on the actual post-date rather than the posting-date - If you see what I mean.

    2. The bloglist - sidebar feed takes it from the date it was scheduled to publish which I guess is how you set it up the show that date as Sunday. The reading list linked to blogs that you subscribe to does things differently - just to complicate matters.

    3. Aah, designed to confuse. I see :-)


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