Friday, 7 September 2012

Stringy beans and other stuff

Quick visit to the plot after work as it was a lovely sunny afternoon and we wanted to water the tomatoes and celeriac. The aster we were given by Katherine on the HEAT plot are very pretty - you get different coloured flowers on each plant.

Lovely Asters
We picked a couple of Courgettes (including a yellow one) from Neal's plot, as he's on holiday, and one from our plant too.
These are just two of the Cornells squashes. Some are getting pretty big but they're still very light green when they should be darker with light stripes...
Cornells Bush squash
The petit pois Jamie sowed on 7th July actually have a few pods on them and there are still some French beans to eat and the peppers have grown enough to make them a bit more juicy. There are also enough autumn raspberries to snack on each visit, but probably not enough to bother taking them home :-)
However some of the last runner beans we ate are stringy (ugh, ruins a meal I think) so we probably won't risk any more, though there are loads still on the plants. What a waste!
We think the stringy-ness is due to the falling night temperatures - it got down to 5° during the week  :-(
I took a peek in the sweetcorn but it's not quite ready yet - shame I fancied that this weekend!


  1. Can`t wait to see your plot. We hope to come up on the Friday if we can arrange anything. Would love to bring you something. What do you need?

    1. On the Sunday there is Hungerford Food Festival from 11 till 3:30. Our allotments are having a stand which I'll be helping to man. I thought you may be interested in that and we could wander down to the allotment from there.
      Otherwise Friday would be ok. I'm at work during the day though.
      I can't think of anything we'll need - not sure what will be left on the plot by 23rd - night-time temperatures are falling fast :-(
      Looking forward to seeing you, Steve and any other Crutts who are coming :-)


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