Monday, 10 September 2012

Food, frogs and children

It was a lovely sunny, warm day again yesterday - albeit rather windy. We managed to get the weed suppressant pegged down over the strawberry bed and it looks very tidy, ready and waiting for the little strawberry plants to bed down for the winter!

8 little strawberry plants
Jamie spotted a big brown frog today - can't be the same ones that we saw earlier in the year - unless they've eaten so many slugs they've grown really quickly - that could explain the colour too, ugh!
Refusing to pose for a photo, but you can see the colour
We didn't do much else, just a bit of dead-heading (yawn) and picking veggies. Including some courgettes from Neal's plot which I'll share at work.
Nice trugful of goodies
I forgot to say that on Saturday we had to do an impromptu tour of the plot for some visiting children. They were on their first field trip as part of the Cherry Grove Saturday morning club. I showed them around our plot and let them eat some raspberries, then led them to Geoff's plot to eat his raspberries too - Geoff's on holiday but did say we could pick any that were ripe :-}


  1. Nice pictures and some good looking veggies in the trugg. I haven't been down my plot this weekend, busy decorating again.

  2. Boo :-( decorating is no fun! Not too many nice warm days left I don't think!


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