Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good Housekeeping has arrived!

I was sent the Good Housekeeping magazine (Nov 2012 edition) today. My piece is in there (Page 31) - funny, I couldn't remember exactly what I'd been dressed in for the pic. I also don't quite remember saying some of the words but it's not too embarrassing! Luckily as everyone at work and beyond knows about it!!
Here's a sneak peek but I'd better not scan it just yet...


  1. Well you look fantastic. I can`t wait to get the magazine. And you truly are inspiring.

  2. I got the mag first thing this morning and showed the picture to the women in the shop. They were suitably impressed!

  3. It made for a fun day at work. My friend took the mag along to Division Heads meeting with her and they passed it round the table :-)


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