Sunday, 16 September 2012

Strawberries are in and first celeriac is out!

Another couple of hours on the plot today. Not sunny but pretty warm and there were a few friends to chat to for a while.
We put our strawberry plants in. Very pleased to see how much the runners had rooted in just 3 weeks!

Well-rooted strawberry runners
Managed to get the eight plants in with plenty of room for spreading and the weed suppressant hump should mean that water runs away from the strawberries... that's the plan...
We pulled our first celeriac. There were a lot more roots than I expected! Once I'd cut them back there is rather less celeriac than I've seen in shops, but plenty for our mash this evening! It smells lovely and I tasted a bit of the root - it's like a slightly more subtle celery.
Hairy celeriac
Picked lots of tomatoes and other bits for a lovely bruschetta lunch, salad for work lunches and I'm going to do a ratatouille in the week - will need at least one courgette for that but that won't be a problem!
We're really pleased with the tomatoes. We've just got the 3 plants in tubs on the plot but they're producing masses of toms. Lots of people seem to have had problems this year with blight but our tumbling variety has managed to avoid the worst of it. They have collapsed and a few toms and branches are clearly succumbing now but this is the best year so far with regards to tomatoes on our plot - we'll be looking to buy Lizzano plants again next year!
Lovely veggies!


  1. Nice harvest, good idea with the Strawberry plants, 4 of my runners (which you commented on recently) out of the 78 haven't taken so will be replaced, mine too developed lots of roots very quickly this year. This is the last year I will be growing outdoor Tomatoes, due to blight, they will be grown in the greenhouse in future.

  2. Thanks for the comments. We'd love a greenhouse but want a shed even more! Unfortunately we're not allowed either on our site. :-(


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