Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rainbows and Carrots

We took some compost up the plot - including the cellophane wrappers from our Quality Street (it says on the tin they're compostable - made of corn starch apparently) Interesting to see whether they do actually dissolve; we've found the biodegradable plastic bin bags take longer than 18months to dissolve so we don't use them anymore.
We cleared the original carrot trench - which we sowed in April! Most of the remaining Rainbow Mix carrots had split wide open, so they went in the compost bin, but the Early Nantes looked so good we had to take them home.
Also picked some spring onions, which have been in the raised bed for months, parsley and one of the green cabbages - we were hoping to have some lovely coleslaw. However, apart from the slugs which were tucked well into the cabbage there was mould on the edge of the leaves throughout. So, that went into the compost bin and I made carrot and parsley soup instead! The carrots were really tasty even though they'd been in the ground so long.

Now, when we walked to the plot it was reasonably sunny. While we were up there there was a torrential rainstorm and we got soaked. Walking back we did get to see a lovely rainbow though!


  1. I think you are correct about the Quality Street wrappers, in fact Q.S. are 100% recyclable, (tin, aluminium foil & corn starch) I also use (caddy liners) which say on the box compostable & biodegradeable. It might be worth looking for bin liners that say both too?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Rooko. We've moved to just putting all our compost into a plastic bucket and washing it each time - or wrapping waste in newspaper prior to composting.


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