Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chitting Our Potatoes

Not quite so cold today - only about 0° and very sunny. Unfortunately no time to go to the plot though.
We took our seed potatoes to my mum's cold spare bedroom to chit for a few weeks (months actually as we don't intend to plant till end of March/early April). Along with the Orla, Belana and Kestrels I couldn't resist buying 3 Duke of York Reds at the garden centre yesterday. The Orla we intend to keep in the ground for a bit longer as they were tasty last year and kept very well.

One of the Belana was damaged (by a spade it looked like) so we only have 4 of those, but hopefully we'll get plenty of small new potatoes from each plant.


  1. If the potato has been damaged just plant it, large pots were just cut in half to make then go further. Just make sure it has got an eye.

    1. Thanks Ivan
      They're all in the ground now. Just got back from earthing them up as frost is expected tonight :-(


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