Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A drizzly day

I had the day off work today - not a great day for working on the plot, but at least it was only drizzling for part of the day (unfortunately that was the part while we were there!).

We made up an enviromesh cage for our onions - we're hoping this will keep them clear of leek moth which was all over the site last year :-(
We did say last year that we're going to cover the whole site with enviromesh, but we'll stick with just covering individual beds for this year :-)

Yellow is this year's colour for enviromesh
We cleared the beets which have been in the ground for about 10 months  - this ugly giant and most of the others have gone into the compost but we took a couple more reasonable-sized ones home; Boltardy aren't meant to go woody even when they're old - we'll see...
The vole/mice hadn't even ventured into this big one, but some of the others had severe slug/snail damage.
Me, with the ugly giant
We hoed and levelled the potato quarter where the onions and other alliums will be going. We're making sure that the chicken manure pellets are well worked into the ground before we get the onions and shallots planted.
We also cleared the cabbage patch and there are only a few sprouts left and then that quarter will be ready for the potato trench preparation.


  1. Your plots looking tidy & well prepared, I'm thinking bout using environmesh this year over my Carrots.

    1. Thanks, we're getting there, it's nice to have something to do at this time of year - especially when the weather is so mild.
      We found the yellow mesh at Hilliers Garden Centre - they call it Insect Guard and it was half the price of enviromesh. Ebay is another good place to buy cheaper mesh - or go to the market and buy net curtains!
      Mesh seems to be the only way to protect against carrot fly on our allotments.


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