Saturday, 19 November 2011

Crazy weather for November

The weather is still really warm for November (2.5degC) was the lowest last week. There hasn't been any rain for a while but it's been misty/foggy so it was pretty wet on the allotment this morning, but the sun was shining.
The weather's causing a bit of confusion - our raspberry canes are flowering again! We're going to clear them late this year or in the new year and just keep a few canes where we want them to grow - it'll be a shame if they've got fruit on them!!

We only went to have a look at the broad beans - the 3 which hadn't grown last week are still pathetic so we've left the cloches on them, the rest look happy enough though something is nibbling the leaves.
Talking of nibbling.... we didn't eat many of our sweetcorn this year as they hadn't produced very good cobs, but something is happily clearing them up for us!

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  1. Our weather here in Somerset is identical to yours at present. My sweetcorn this year was about the same as yours, I put it down to lack of rainwater and a dull, overcast Summer.
    Very nice blog by the way. I've just started one of my own ( and I also took on my new allotment in 2009. Keep up to date
    Regards Rooko


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