Thursday, 1 December 2011


We've been sunning ourselves in Tenerife for the last 10 days.

Can't help thinking what it would be like growing veggies here! We've decided that carrots would appreciate the sandy soil; potatoes would be blight free; tomatoes and peppers would be abundant and there'd be lots of squashes and melons. Only trouble is the lack of water - really would need to get that sorted! Here in the North of the island they do get some rain so it is lovely and green, but still even drier than Marsh Lane.

The veggies in the shops are pretty weak looking, the spuds tend to look like seed potatoes. Haven't seen too many bugs apart from butterflies, so there must be some caterpillars about, though I'm surprised any get past the lizards!

Aah, back home tomorrow to see if we've had any frost....

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  1. When I say 'weak' I should say they look home-grown unlike veggies in UK supermarkets. Doesn't mean they don't taste good - the peppers, tomatoes, courgettes and fruits we've had have all been delicious!


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