Thursday, 3 November 2011

Next Year's spuds and onions ordered

We've placed our order for next year from Thompson and Morgan.

We've opted for these potato varieties:

Potato 'Kestrel' - 10 seed potatoes (Second Earlies)
Potato 'Orla' - 10 seed potatoes (First Earlies) We found these to be good for mash and baking too this year
Potato 'Belana' - 5 seed potatoes (First Earlies) These should produce lots of small new potatoes
And we've ordered the following onions and shallots:

Onion 'Santero' F1 Hybrid - This is an early cropper which is apparently resistant to downy mildew
Shallot 'Golden Gourmet' - Our favourites for making pickled onions

They won't arrive until Jan-mid-May.

We've ordered less than we've had this year, as they just keep going on for too long really. We got a bit fed up with the new potatoes this year and it's a shame to let them grow big.
We've still got a Congo and a Kestrel plant in the ground at the plot at the moment.

We're really hoping the onions will be happier next year so that we get a full season without them succombing to mildew...

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