Sunday, 28 July 2013

Waiting for Rain and getting some!

We went up in the afternoon yesterday in the hope that we'd get caught in a rainstorm, we watched it moving towards up, getting darker and the wind started up but we only felt a few drops. As we got home the heavens opened and we got a lot of rain overnight and this morning. 11mm in total
The plots look so happy after rain and the weeds appreciate it even more! Above is some of the Asparagus Pea which are very pretty (but don't need a trellis).
Below is one of the Uchiki Kuri squash plants - I'm going to need to cut back some off-shoots. It would happily cover 4 poles I think!
We're a bit concerned about one of our Brussel Sprouts plants - it's leaves are going rather curly. We'll keep an eye on it but may need to pull it up in an attempt to prevent any cross-infection.
I'm also unsure of what to do with my Florence (bulb) fennel. After all the panic as the slugs were munching their way through it earlier in the year, it's come on really well. However, how big are they meant to get before eating? I wanted to keep them for soup but they look like they're mature now.
This is the biggest one - as big as my palm and quite pump. Is it ok to leave it to carry on growing?
This is my herb fennel. It's really tall and has flowered. The flying insects really love it, so I'm leaving it to grow as it's not really something I will use much for cooking and it looks very pretty.
The runner beans are also looking beautiful with masses of flowers. There are a few beans forming but not sure whether they'll be ready to win 'longest runner bean' this year (or even come second as we did last year...)
Just as it began to rain again this afternoon, we left the plot with a lovely selection of veggies which will cover us for a few meals.
International Kidney potatoes on the left and Orla on the right. You can tell the Orla as the slugs love them :-(


  1. We had heavy rain all last night so hopefully if the sun comes back everything will have been given a boost and romp away.

  2. What a great harvest. Don`t put the fennel seed heads on your compost if it doesn`t heat up much. We`ve found this out the hard way. Not sure about the other fennel though.

    1. Thanks Jen. I put some in the compost the other day, but that was when it was really hot so hopefully ok. I will be sure not to add them when the weather's cooler.


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