Friday, 29 December 2017

Who will come with me...

To 2018...
Here's the obligatory review of the year 2017.
Starting with the playlist of the 82 song titles I selected for this year's blogposts. Unfortunately a couple of songs have since been blocked so won't play, plus there are very annoying adverts, but I hope you've enjoyed my soundtrack of the year.
It was fun finding appropriate song titles for posts and tricky at times. I haven't decided whether I'll do the same thing in 2018, I'll see how it goes...

Anyway, for my interest more than yours, are the top 5 posts of the year.
  1. Five Years - the excellent news that we had a new 5-year site lease, though it still hasn't actually been signed by the landlord (grrr). But I wonder if the David Bowie track made it the most visited link..
  2. Viva Tenerife - our home-from-holidays post. I'm sure a lot of these visitors were from the Tenerife forum and also fellow street art lovers.
  3. Pretty Vacant - there must be a lot of old punks out there who couldn't resist the title... No, I'm sure this was the interest in our new lottery-funded composting toilet.
  4. Fire Starter - such a great track but I think the mention of the glass gem corn may have been the draw to this post.
  5.  Set the Fire to the Third Bar - I only posted this 2 days ago so I expect it to get more visitors. Maybe the snowy rooftop photo was appealing or perhaps it's because people have more time to sit and read during the holiday season.
My favourite memories of 2017 include the great fun allotment holders barbecue in September, the plant sale in June and the many home-made soups and salads that I enjoyed throughout the year.
I'm looking forward to a better squash grotto this year and hopefully some successful glass gem corn cobs as well as plenty of sunshine, rain only at night and PLEASE less windy weather!

Happy New Year!

And here's the last track of the year from the oddly pleasing Kelly Family...


  1. Must admit the opposite was true here with less visitors over the Christmas period but I posted fewer posts too. I echo your plea for less windy weather.

    1. Perhaps I hadn't posted for so long people thought they'd better check what I'd been up to :-)

  2. Happy new year to you. I love reading yr blog and I love the song you chose for the end of the year. I have indeed followed you with my own blogging.

    1. Thanks Jen, I'll look forward to more updates from Freshwinds in the near future x

  3. You can do magic with music! Happy New Year.


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