Saturday, 30 September 2017

Time is on My Side

We've had a couple of visits to the allotment after work but the light fades so quickly that we only have time to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse, pick some sweetcorn and get home as quickly as possible to eat it.
We had our HAHA 'Seed Evening' at the British Legion last Tuesday. It's really just a plotholder get-together where we are given the Kings Seeds catalogues and told how to get our 40% discount through our Seed Secretary. There weren't many of us there, but those of us who went enjoyed a bit of chat about what's grown well or what we won't try again next year - not always agreeing of course!
We visited the plot when it was already dark. You can just see my pumpkin (bottom left) for the Food Festival competition - it's not a winner, but it's going to do better than Ted's which unexpectedly grew into a sunflower :-D
Two tomato plants in the greenhouse and the redcurrant tomato at the end haven't succumbed to blight yet. They're still providing additions to most lunches. The onions and garlic are drying out in there but quite a few of the onions have a brown layer inside so won't store for long, though they taste fine.
I made this lunch look fancy so took a photo before I added the tomatoes. Raw grated beetroot and carrot with lettuce and lovely smoked cheddar cheese. That's one of the last cucumbers for this year, but we were pleased with MiniMunch.
And, that fancy-looking lunch is why I chose this title song. Well, I'm on flexi-time so sometimes I get into work a bit later :-D
(Oh! Didn't mean to put two Rolling Stones songs together)


  1. We like Mini Munch too. WE also use Kings seeds for a group of is on site. Now they offer online ordering it has cut out the problem of collating orders too.

    1. We prefer the way that Rocky trails away from the central stem, but MiniMunch are definitely our first backup now, if Rocky fails

  2. I miss seeing your colourful lunches another great post and pumpkins are my fav fav x

  3. Thanks. I think my lunches are going to be more soupy for a while. We enjoy having a skype-lunch with you, but it's not quite the same x


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