Monday, 2 October 2017

Forever Autumn

There's no denying it now that it's October, but it's still warmish. A quick visit to the plot yesterday afternoon as it was too wet to achieve anything. So, I watered the tomatoes and picked a nice Autumnal trug of veggies.
Half the carrots and an onion have become soup for work lunches, with a bit of fresh sage and some other dried herbs. I took a couple of the onions home which had been outside in the rain, but they quickly got binned as they're rotten - phewey, what a pong! Luckily I took some properly stored onions home too.
The other carrots, beets and onion were roasted along with some shop-bought potatoes (I know. I know. But I didn't fancy scrabbling about in the mud on the plot). All served up with lovely halloumi, (God, I love halloumi) and sweetcorn. And look!
We removed the kernels from the raw cob using our new corn stripper from Lakeland. Nice to be able to include the sweetcorn in a meal rather than just straight off the cob.
Whilst on the allotment site I took this snap of the grass paths we sowed two weeks ago - the mini-plots are looking like plots now! All they need is some tenants, otherwise we'll need to cover them before the weeds take over. And that may be the last shot of the rented Portaloo - we've got a grant for a composting toilet! How cool is that?!
Aah, Justin Hayward, what a lovely song.


  1. Fortunately we dig all our potatoes a while ago especially as on top of the weather we have the plot access problems.
    Your new tenants are so lucky to take on a plot that isn't head high with weeds. You spoil them.

    1. we never store our spuds, but we'll be pulling a few extra for the food festival at the weekend.
      We have empty plots to spare and because of the short lease on the site we want to encourage plotholders to join us. Yes, they are spoilt :-)

  2. You never cease to surprise me. Handing over pristine plots? Sowing grass paths? However I am a sucker for gizmos - how do you rate the cob stripper?

    1. Well, if it gets new people to take up allotmenting...
      The cob stripper is very good and only a fiver! Very quick to de-kernal the cob. It says you can use it on cooked cobs, but I presume you'd have to cool them down first

    2. Thanks Belinda. BTW I've started adding my music as videos rather than links - following your example!

    3. Cool, I may need to borrow some of your song titles :-)
      Annoying when I find there's an advert at the front of mine!


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