Saturday, 1 April 2017

April Come She Will

And bring showers she will (ok, enough Yoda-speak!). The threatening sky was so dramatic much of the afternoon and eventually we did get some raindrops. We didn't stay very long, we only had hot water to drink - we forgot to take the coffee sachets!
Most of the time Jamie was clearing the patch for potatoes and I was doing a bit of sowing in the greenhouse. We now have Rainbow chard, Boltardy beetroot and some salad leaf on the shelving alongside the broad beans and sweetpeas.
I also sowed a short row of radish in the garlic raised bed. I'll, yet again, try to sow successive pickings, but so often lose the plot within a month or so...
Jamie planted 50 (yes, 50!) onion sets during the week. They're netted to prevent the birds pecking them out. We're growing Santero onions again, which we've been pleased with before; they're mould resistant.
Simon and Garfunkle sing us into the new month - I like April, things really start happening in April, but we still have a lot to tidy up and dig :-)


  1. Your garlic looks very good and I like the netted cloches.

  2. Such fun planting all the new seeds. I've got the same beetroot and similar chard (bright lights). Especially like the music.

  3. The nice rummaged about in my sweet please so I had had to buy some more seeds. Now they are under propagator lids so let's hope the mice don't have huge muscles.


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