Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Little Time

There's always something watching; normally it's magpies ..This time it's a VOLE.
I know! Enemy of the broad bean grower, but really! How cute is that? Rustling around in the neighbour's strawberry bed while Jamie was digging. I think he did well to get this photo before the little chap scurried off (the vole, not Jamie).
As long as he stays on the neighbour's plot and doesn't find my mangetout growing in the greenhouse I don't mind :-)
It's Easter holidays, so Jamie planted some of our potatoes on Thursday (13th April). We have two short rows with 4 spuds in each: 1 x Burgundy Red, 1 x Orla, 2 x Kestrel and the other row is 4 x Desiree. Our other potatoes are going into bags, which we'll try to do in the next week or so.
Sowing the chard in modules means that I can be selective for which colours I plant out on the plot. Plenty to choose from there. We're having a plant sale in June so none of these will be wasted - I only need about 3 plants but like to have one of each colour.
Music provided by The Beautiful South,  as I have a little more time before going back to work.

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  1. Not much outdoor gardening here just seed sowing inside


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