Sunday, 18 December 2016

One Week To Go...

It's been a very festive December so far, which is an excuse for not visiting the allotment and not blogging for 3 weeks.
We put the Christmas tree up at the beginning of the month - we're using our fake one this year, but it's pretty realistic, and we added some pine scent. All our favourite baubles and decorations are on there: Some recent additions... Some home-made....Others which we've had since our first Christmas together 28 years ago... And some that I've had since I was little...
We put our window lights up ahead of Hungerford's Victorian Extravanganza and enjoyed mulled wine, hot donuts and roasted chestnuts amongst the beautifully decorated town lights.
We had our annual ride on the big wheel before watching the excellent fireworks display.
We had a shopping trip to Oxford. It's so beautiful, even in the pouring rain, and has such interesting shops.
I love Oxford. I was born there and my original hospital and Renal Unit are there so I've had a long relationship with the city. I have so many memories of visiting the city with my mum and the whole family used to have Christmas shopping trips there.
We went to the Newbury lantern parade, which was a delight.
There must have been a thousand home-made lanterns following the excellent drummers. I wish Hungerford would copy the idea for our parade!
I've attended a couple of Christmas events at work and had a lovely lunchtime visit to Millets Farm Christmas shop in Oxfordshire - definitely worth a visit.
Also our annual HAHA committee Christmas meal at The Bear in Hungerford - unfortunately Jamie couldn't come because he's been the unlucky one with the cold this year :-(
That's what I call a veggie Christmas meal - Red Cabbage & Apple roulade instead of meat
Now I need to wrap more pressies, post the rest of our Christmas cards and enjoy 3 more days at work before Christmas really starts! And is there a possibility of snow? Oh, I really hope so!!


  1. Lovely blog entry...very festive.I dreamt about Aunty Doreen last night. She was singing.


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