Sunday, 7 August 2016

Now That's August!

Aah, two lovely hot days. That photo was taken on Saturday when it really was blue sky and dazzling sunshine all day - how lovely it is! 
Sunflowers growing tall, but no flowers yet
Friday was hot, but not quite so blue. Jamie and I had a long lazy afternoon picnic on the plot with wine, olives, sandwiches and fruit. Such a perfect way to while away a few hours. Jamie couldn't help himself and mowed the grass, but I mostly sat, photographed (see Wildlife blog) and did a bit of watering.
I decided to do a butterfly count on Saturday, but the numbers are very poor. I guess that's what the Butterfly Conservation are interested in seeing though...
  • 4 Small Whites
  • 1 Brimstone
  • 2 Meadow Browns
I may try again today, but it's rather grey, though warm, at the moment
Meadow Brown
This is evidence that the birds do eat the giant slugs. But he spent more than 10 minutes rubbing and scraping it in the dirt - presumably to remove the slime. Most unappetising!! (Of course, I'm vegetarian, maybe to you meat-eaters... :-D)


  1. I love that you took your picnic lunch and so posh with table and chairs.

    1. Have to make the most of my final 3 days before going back to work...


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