Sunday, 14 August 2016

Count your Lucky Stars

We had a stroll up to the allotment in the early hours of this morning to look for shooting stars during this year's Perseids meteor shower. It was a beautiful night and the moon had just dipped out of view from the bench so we had a great dark sky to view. 
That's not a photo :-) We only saw a couple of meteors each, but it was worth venturing out. An owl was very active and noisy in the trees around the site and on our way through the Croft a hedgehog trundled across our path! We'd only mentioned yesterday that we hadn't seen one for a couple of years.
We had a lovely sunny afternoon on the plot yesterday; watering, feeding and deadheading various plants.
And look! The sunflowers are here! The tall ones are still growing but not flowering yet, but the short ones are very sweet and the bees love them.
We picked a few bits for dinner - our yellow courgettes are getting greener each day! Cucumbers are featuring in every harvest now.
A bit annoying that this was amongst the carrots. That could have been our entry for the 'funny shaped veg' in the show next week. I expect there will be more to choose from though!


  1. Our shooting star watching was very similar to yours. Complete with a noisy owl!

    1. It was nice, but wish there were a few more to see!

  2. I prefer the short sunflowers which is just as well considering the winds that whip across our site.

    1. I'm quite suprised our tall ones are still standing. It's been a very windy Summer

  3. Hola Belinda! Muy buena cosecha. Me encantan esos tomates.
    Un beso.


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