Monday, 2 May 2016

When the Wind Blows... the right direction we can hear Hungerford Town Football Club from the allotment. I rather like hearing the occasional whoop, whistle and boo! Our Marsh Lane site was the location of the first football ground for Hungerford - those poor players with all our stones! Here's a map from 1898 - from the excellent
Today we heard cheers and when we got home we saw that Hungerford had won the play-off and as a result are promoted to the Southern League South, just 5 steps away from the Premier League :) CONGRATULATIONS!!

We actually got to the plot before the rain arrived and Jamie spent time adding lime to Plot3, where the cabbages are going to be grown this year. It may help against the horsetail.. We'll see...
Mangetout seedlings
Then we both ended up sheltering from the rain and gales in the greenhouse. 
The following have now been sowed:
  Radish Rats Tails 
  Apache spring onions
  Little Gem lettuce
  Salad leaf
  Asparagus Pea
  Paris Silverskin onions
  Common Valerian
  Benchmaster runner beans
So that's a mix of flowers and veg. Some are in the greenhouse, some are in raised beds and some are at home under the grow-lamp.
We left in pouring rain. Perhaps May isn't quite as bright as I thought yesterday! But, it is bluebell time! Hooray!


  1. Replies
    1. It was nice and cosy in the greenhouse.

  2. You sowed loads! I lived close to the Lancaster football grounds and ejoyed listening to their cheering and booing - mostly booing.

    1. We only sowed a few of each - so not too much excess.
      I read that as Leicester football ground initially - have Leicester on the brain at present!

  3. It isn't just boos and cheers that we hear from the adjoining sports ground.

    1. Hoho! We're far enough away to just get the gist :)


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