Monday, 23 May 2016

VegFest Bristol 2016

We stayed in Bristol for a long weekend of music and vegan food. What a beautiful and vibrant city. And look! They grow veggies in their flower beds! What a fab place.
Nice giant shiny ball!

Having been vegetarians for over 25 years it was a great experience to attend a food festival where we could just tuck into whatever food we fancied! We bought some tasty pumpkin seed oil (it makes fried onions go green - interesting!) and vegan marshmallow kits to take home. There was a great herb stall, with every type of basil you could think of and more besides - chocolate basil anyone?
The rainbow directly over the stage and the ship made everyone happy
It's been a good few years since we attended a music festival. I'd forgotten how much fun it was, bopping about in the rain wearing soaking wet clothes! It was great, but better on Sunday when the sun shone most of the time.
SS Great Britain and colourful houses
We got home this afternoon and had time to visit the plot. It was busy on such a lovely sunny afternoon. We stayed longer than we expected. Jamie trimmed the grass edges and paths. It was hard work with the little hand mower. We sowed a wildflower mix and also some night stock in a couple of areas. And we moved the florence fennel tubs outside - please let them be protected from slugs!!
I planted out some chard and also the radish rats tails - the little pods are nice to add to salads, after the plants have flowered.
Come on little poppy! That's our one and only blue one! Hang in there, not long now I hope!
And this is my favourite shrub that I planted at home about 15 years ago. I love it 'silk road'. We don't have a garden - this is outside our front window. Beautiful!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the festival. Lots of like minded people☺
    Poppy looks promising...

    1. Yep, I reckon we're going to get a flower on that poppy. I'll be sure to collect the seeds!

  2. Interesting! And the shrub is really awesome. I have never seen before.

    1. It's full name is Indigofera Himalayensis Silk Road

  3. Martyn was strimming too on Monday - not quite beating the rain

    1. The weeds and grass are certainly loving the mix of sunshine and rain! Filling all those areas of bare earth - I really need to get planting some more!


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