Saturday, 14 May 2016

Planning and Planting

We had plans today and I'm pleased to say that the weather was perfect.
Last night a frost was threatened so we put some fleece protection over our potatoes - we needn't have bothered. The temperature last night only got down to 7.3°; underneath the fleece it stayed at 12.5°
Jamie earthed up the row of spuds on Plot3 and I earthed up the bags - look how much they'd all grown! Helped by the 40mm of rain we had in a 24hour period during the week.
Before I did the earthing up I planted out the beetroot - they'd definitely had enough of being in their little modules. I've planted 24, but a couple may not survive the night as they were such weaklings! They're planted in a square-ish patch behind the raised bed with the garlic in it.
I also planted up my Florence Fennel. I've put some in a couple of old recycle bins. The plan is that they will be blanched in the high-sided boxes so the bulb will stay nice and white... that's the plan. I had 5 plants left over so I've put them in the salad raised bed. All of them are protected by netting and lots of slug pellets :-(
This is one of our pepper plants. I think I've mentioned that we're growing them 'cordon' style. Jamie cut off one of the two growing stems, so just one grows on. At the top you can see the little pepper growing in the middle of the two new growing stems - one of those stems will be snipped off when they grow a little longer...
During the week Jamie sowed a loofah seed and some pumpkin (Jack Be Little and Jack of all Trades). No signs of germination yet though...


  1. Isn't it good to planting and seeing things grow? That is if only the slugs and snails don't get there first

    1. Just started planting a few things myself. It certainly is quite an exciting time.
      I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with pests - I'm not keen on killing but...
      Maybe the birds will do it for me.

    2. Allotments are worse for pests than gardens are. But I think slugs get everywhere :-(

  2. I direct sowed my Florence Fennel today. It was a hit with Brenda last year in the kitchen.
    I once lived in Marsh Lane but the one in Bolton Percy


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