Saturday, 30 January 2016

Strange Birds

I was pleased to see the sun was due to shine this afternoon, so got prepared for an hour of birdwatching while Jamie went off to clear some old raspberry plants from Plot3.
I had my logbook (haha, funny, huh?), our new monocular, my fancy camera and hot liquorice & blackcurrant drink (so delicious).
I turned the bench round so I had a better view of the hedge. Our robin, looking stunning in the sunshine, arrived for the worms we put out. Good start...
And, then another robin. Lovely, always nice to see robins.
Jamie saw a chaffinch, but it was flying over so I didn't count that..
And that was it, for 25 minutes. I decided to move along the hedge to another location and start a new hour of counting.
It wasn't so comfy; (I didn't like to sit on Tui & Glen's bench), I sat on the ground, but at least I was a bit protected from the chill wind and it's nice seeing the site from a different viewpoint.
Woodpeckers have been seen in that skeleton of a tree in the centre of the photo. I saw a flock of pigeons fly out of one of the trees and I could hear a lot of birdsong. It was very pleasant, but the birds didn't want to show themselves, apart from these:
  • 5 Wood Pigeons
  • 1 Chaffinch
  • 1 Blackbird
  • 2 Robins
I don't think they were the same two robins that were by our plot!
Where were all the long-tailed tits that we usually see? Where was the bullfinch? Even the magpies and pheasants stayed away!
Tut, strange birds!


  1. I like the old ladies. I have posted our list on Facebook. Like yours several of our usual birds refused to be counted!

    1. I saw more birds out of the window at home this morning! The ladiss on the power lines are fun aren't they :-)


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