Saturday, 9 January 2016

Nice Weather for...

It wasn't raining when we walked up to the allotment today. We knew it would be soggy after so much rain over the last week though. We did have one night of frost, but it's mostly been about rain.
At the Town Council meeting on Monday we heard that the housing developer is granting us a one year extension on the site lease - with the 'possibility' of a permanent lease if planning is granted on an entirely separate piece of land in the town. We have the HAHA General Meeting this Monday so it'll be good to hear how the other plotholders feel. 
So, it's great that we can start preparing for April now, but will likely have to look forward to this again in a year's time. 
Some things are still growing (not just the grass). This is one of the beetroots which Jamie sowed in late July (or possibly later than that)! Wonder if it'll actually ever bulb up?
We have started ordering. Jamie's ordered some tomato plants and I've ordered some stuff, including loofah seeds! We also have plans for spuds but more on all this when things actually get delivered!
I bet mine won't look as perfect as these ones!
We hadn't been on site long when it started pouring and the wind blew up. This year's robin hid rather than eating the food we took up for him and I hid too, thank goodness for the greenhouse! (It's the sound that's better than the video on this...)
I hope it's not like this for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of the month!


  1. Glad you`ve got the reprieve. Like the idea of growing loofahs. There should be something new every year on our seed lists.

  2. Here's hoping for permanent status.

    By the way the video won't play .- it says it is private - have you shared it or is it me?

    1. Fingers crossed.
      Thanks for pointing out the video status. It's now public

  3. I always hope my loofah produce fiber like that.

  4. Glad to see you looking forward to the coming year. Our garden is too soggy to think about...


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