Saturday, 16 January 2016

As Cold As Ice

Finally we've had some frosty nights this winter, so we went to see the plot this afternoon but not to do any work - too frozen. I mostly played with the ice while Jamie fed and watched the birds.
I think this looks rather galactic, but actually it's just our rain gauge...
This looks like a PhotoShop effect...
But it's the real world though the ice from a bucket...
And the birds were very lively. Starting with a beautiful male bullfinch, but he didn't hang round for long enough to get a photo with my small camera. So, it's mostly robin photos but I did also manage to snap this long-tailed tit - such pretty little bids.
Now, bring on the robins...
There were 3 trying to get at the food Jamie put out at one point. These two had an argument and flew off across the site.
Leaving just one to eat the worms!
Last Sunday a few of us from the HAHA committee enjoyed a lovely New Year's lunch with the Curridge Horticultural Society - very pleasant at the Newbury & Crookham Golf Club.
Then on Monday we had the HAHA general meeting. Lots of plotholders turned up to hear what the committee are trying to achieve and what possibilities may be available for us. The District Councillor, Mayor and Newbury Weekly News journalist were also in attendance.
And tonight we have a HAHA versus Royal British Legion skittles evening! What fun!


  1. Snowing here tonight even though we had none forecasted

    1. Ooh, i'd welcome snow. We're just v.cold and wet :-(


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