Sunday, 15 March 2015

Wanting Some Rain

We want rain for our broad beans and a few salad seeds that we sowed two weeks ago. No sign of the broad beans yet, but the radish and salad leaf are coming up. Hopefully the perspex will protect them from nibbles - until they're ready for me!
Here's the garlic - growing nicely under the netting as something (probably a pheasant) had nibbled a couple of the shoots last week.
The funny thing is that there are four rows of garlic now.... Obviously the T&M garlic was just rather slow compared to the Wilko garlic. We're going to have a LOT of garlic this year!!
This is the rhubarb - both plants are showing signs of what's to come - yum yum!
And this is our spuds, chitting under the grow lamp in the hallway. We were obviously a bit late, many of the spuds were sold out last weekend, so we didn't manage to get Anya which we wanted. So, we bought Kestrel (of course) and Rosabelle.
We also have some Tenerife black potatoes on order. Not sure how they're going to manage in our climate, but we'll see...


  1. Come to sunny Hastings!!! There`s rain in the air and it`s dull and dark and miserable. the plan was to begin on the entrance area to the plot but tat`s all on hold. Wish we could grow garlic like that.

  2. It threatened ain't, but just a tiny sprinkling - not enough to do any good. We had to take a bottle of water with us for the seedlings! I realise I'll be regretting this statement at some point this year!!

  3. Your potatoes under the lamp look like little fat 'Mr Men' - or am I just too old and remember them!

    1. Hmmm, Mr Greedy? You may just be right ;-)

  4. I have never seen black potatoes before, looks so interesting!

  5. On the other hand we need our soil to dry a little


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