Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hmmm, 400th Post...

It's a milestone, so allow me a little time to reminisce...
Our lovely Marsh Lane site opened in April 2009 and I wanted to record our allotment progress. I much prefer electronic records for ease of searching so posted updates on our personal website - but after 2-and-a-bit years I found it too annoying to update and needed an alternative and discovered blogging!
Day 1 of the site

I opted for Blogger, can't remember why, but it's free and offered Picasa for photo storage so suits my needs. My first post was on 12th June 2011 - what a dull post that was...Not even one photo!
Moving swiftly on...

Blogger offers stats, I'm not sure how accurate they are because of robots but I find it quite interesting. These are apparently my top 3 posts ...
  1. Fungus Gnats! Well, I'm assuming the title is an oft-searched phrase (523 hits!), not all that catchy or interesting though to be honest.
  2. Salad, Garlic and Compost. That wasn't a recipe suggestion! It has a nice photo, so maybe that's why it got 184 hits.
  3. French Bean Chutney. Well, that is a recipe and a lovely one so I can see the appeal there for 158 visits.
Well, that's enough of that, back to today...
It was a very windy day, with quite a lot of rain. It wasn't a day for spending much time at the allotment but we did what we intended to do, we got this year's nematodes on the go.
Now, as you know, we don't like killing things, but these slugs are taking liberties! So, nemaslugs strike again - in our potato plot, our carrot plot and in the raised bed where my fennel and salad are going.
(as long as you don't consider slugs as wildlife...)
They needed to be well watered in and they got that! The ground temperature needs to stay above 5° otherwise the nematodes will die so hopefully this is timed right  - not that they'd keep in the fridge any longer anyway.
And now it's British Summer Time! 
Hooray, lighter evenings so we can go to the plot after work!


  1. 400 blogs.That`s amazing. Congratulations. And it was you who started me off blogging. Thank you.

  2. Well done on sticking with it. It always surprises me as to which posts are popular. I guess that you also have to factor in how long the post gas been available. It's time that we had some gardening weather

  3. Congratulations on your 400th post! :)

  4. Good job! Digging is a hard thing for me. I like your sun flower!


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