Sunday, 8 March 2015

Gotta Love Fire

What a fabulous afternoon yesterday! 15° and blue sky all the way - really Spring-like.
And, what fun, we had a fire to get rid of all the rotten wood, bamboo canes and clippings that we don't want to put in the compost bin. Who needs an excuse for a fire?!
We used the HAHA shared incinerator to keep it under control as the wind blew up a few times. The sage and rosemary clippings meant the smoke smelled lovely though!
We also spent some time making up a raised bed for our silverskin onions and, probably beetroots. We mixed some manure with the compost from last year's sunflower pots, so maybe we'll have sunflowers in that raised bed too...!
I filmed a timelapse on my phone, unfortunately the wire I used to attach it to the pole managed to cut right across the lens - tut! But I still quite like the video of us riddling, sieving, mixing and having tea breaks :-)
I showed a newcomer round the site and she's now a tenant of one of the larger plots; on such a beautiful day, I'm not surprised she was so taken with the site and wants to start growing straightaway!
The site was the busiest it's been in months, with cars even having to park on the grass - this is the start of the fun times...
It's a grey day out of the window this morning, so we're off to Charlton Park Garden Centre to buy some spuds...


  1. Fire's in daylight! We would gave been sent a warning letter.

    1. Really? Oh, we don't have any mention of fires in our lease (don't give anyone ideas!!)

  2. There`s nothing like a fire. Wanted one today but too windy. Lovely here too. The time lapse was fantastic. How did you stay on camera for so long? Noticed you were up before Jamie after the teabreak.

    1. I mainly had the sit-down job of sieving, and knew we were both working on that part of the plot yesterday. Haha, Jamie wants a tea (City) break every 10 mins :-)

  3. Replies
    1. 1 photo every 5 seconds makes me look it anyway!!


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