Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hedging Day

It was the first visit to the allotment for a week and it was a foggy start. The last week has been noticeably darker in the morning but I didn't think it was particularly cold. However, there had clearly been a frost - the squashes have definitely had it now.
Frosted squash
Something had enjoyed the last of our Rocky cucumbers! Not sure if it was a mouse or a slug - or a few of each!

Just hollowed-out skins left

We didn't do anything to our plot today (though I had intended to plant garlic) as it was a HAHA workday. And when the fog had cleared it was a lovely sunny day for it.
We cut back the hedging which was growing through the rabbit fencing and strimmed some of the overgrown communal areas. It was quite exhausting but a nice way to spend the day, though there was some guilt in cutting off the lovely rosehips and other berries - we left plenty for the birds though. It's been so wet recently that we got soaked by the dripping hedge but managed to finish all the way round the site.

Zoe and Alison
The brambles, hawthorn, ivy and other cuttings were piled onto the communal area and Jamie and I attempted to burn it...
Firestarter/Smoke breather
Unfortunately there was more smoke than fire and the wet green cuttings were really not wanting to burn so we've left the big pile to dry off for a bit (hopefully we'll get the Indian summer we've read about).
The barbecue was rather more successful and made for a welcome break for a chat - shame for the workers who couldn't stay for the grub though!

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