Sunday, 7 October 2012

First Sprouts and Kohl Rabi

We had a few hours on the plot this afternoon - mostly socialising and a bit of HAHA chat but also did what we intended to do. We took the fleece off the squash. The temperature had got down to 3.5° so the squash are fine but the Leonaris has succombed a bit and the asters are flat to the ground :-(

We pulled the sprout plant which had the mouldy section. I tried to pull it in one go but it snapped so not sure it would have stayed intact much longer anyway! We got quite a few sprouts from it which will go into bubble and squeak tomorrow.

We also pulled a few of the kohl rabi - I forgot to sow the next lot of succession but as the slugs are starting to eat them it's not a bad thing! We grew some in 2009 and 2010 but they have always got ravaged before we can eat them - that's why they're under mesh this year.We should have another harvest and then that area can be cleared - it should be where I'm putting fruit trees in next year..

I also pulled the last good carrots - two are really good; the other two would have been perfect for the funniest veg competition in September!!
All our onions are gone so my carrot and coriander soup is being made with spring and silverskin onions - I'm not sure they'll add much flavour, but waste not want not...! I'm using coriander seeds which I picked and dried yesterday.
The last thing in the trug is two Atlantic turnips (thanks Malcolm!) - we swapped a kohl rabi for them. That's another great thing about the allotment - swapping and freebies!


  1. The colours in your trug are amazing. Got Good Housekeeping at the weekend. You look so glamorous and we loved the article.

    1. The article/pic made for a fun few days at work! Lots of requests for autographs and people stopping me in the corridors :-)
      I even got stopped on Hungerford High Street the other evening - I think I've used up my 15 minutes!!

  2. A nice trugg of goodies Belinda. My Kohl-Rabi were nice this year and early, so most of them were taken to a car boot sale. Although the temperatures have dropped locally the main problem at the moment is damp and even more rain again today, which will have finished off my Sweetcorn plants this week.

  3. Thanks for the comments. The kohl rabi were very tasty and are so great looking. We must remember to plant more next year!
    We are very wet here in Hungerford now but it was nice on Saturday. Really should go up the plot to see if we have any more sweetcorn that's ready. People have been finding that the mice/pheasants have been getting to theirs :-(


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