Saturday, 27 October 2012

A sunny, cold Autumn day

We had a couple of hours in sunshine. It was chilly though and the wind was blowing all the leaves about. In fact, it looks like Autumn has really hit over the last week - trees and hedgerow have changed colour and the berries really shone out in the sun because so many leaves have fallen (all over our plot).
Look at that beautiful blue sky!
The thermometer showed that the minimum over the last couple of days was 1.5° and there was ice on our tub. Washing the dirt off the beets which we're going to pickle this afternoon was hand-numbing!
We collected some wood which someone had donated to the allotment site - we're going to use it for a new cage next year. We need to work out a design for what we actually want; the plastic tubing is great but makes access a bit tricky so want to work on something to make that easier... We also collected some manure which had been in a tub by the gates for a few months - well rotted horse manure - should be good for mixing into the brassica quarter.
The chard was glowing in the sunshine, but has gone to seed so unlikely to get eaten now and this is what's left of the butternut - the wildlife is welcome to it!


  1. What a shame about the butternuts. Why didn`t you pick them earlier? We`ve been to our garden too. I had 5 layers and a hat!!!

    1. The butternuts hadn't matured - not sure if they're edible before their time? Perhaps they are but probably just taste like courgettes...
      Yes, we're not used to this cold weather yet and we're off to Tenerife in a week, so that's not going to help us climatise!!


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