Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Carrots & Sprouts

That's pretty much what we'll be living on for a while! Jamie's going to stir fry some sprouts tomorrow and I really fancy some baked in a dauphinois-style potato and carrot thing - my preferred method of cooking anything :-)
Though there are cabbages left in the ground they look pretty ropey, so not sure how they'll be - if we ever get to pull them...
The broad beans look ok so hopefully we'll get some early beans this year.

We were the only people on the allotment today. Only went to pick a bit for dinner and deposit coffee grounds, papaya skins, sprouts waste, potato and carrot peelings into the compost but ended up doing a bit of tidying.
I cleared the bedraggled stems of the sweetcorn - birds and mice had completely removed all trace of corn. There are masses of stringy roots left in the ground which Jamie dug up a bit - mostly to get some worms to come out for the little robin who was hanging round.
We put the sweetcorn remains in the compost as they were quite dry to use as 'brown'. Whilst turning the compost we saw a mouse run out and then back again when we'd finished! Really is worth stirring up the compost and not just leaving it to become a mouse sanctuary!

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