Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weeding, weeding, weeding

We got up early to work on the plot before it was due to rain. It's been raining for much of the week and weeds are everywhere again.
Two of the sweetcorn had blown over so we earthed them up and made sure the roots were better firmed in.

We trimmed the tops and roots off 20 leeks and puddled them in where we pulled the first row of potatoes.
The leeks look tiny, but hopefully will be ok. We left quite a lot of room (about 20cm between each) in the hope this will keep the mould at bay...
We've got about another 20 which we'll plant when we've cleared the next row of spuds.

 The onions are actually looking a lot better than last week, they've bulbed up well - seems that the 'tickling' may have helped after all :-)
The shallots are really close to ready now, we're hoping to get a bit more sun/warmth to dry them off.

We picked some more broad beans and chard for lunch. There are lots of ladybirds and larvae around picking off the blackfly and the rain dealt with most of the whitefly (it seems).

Looks like there will be plenty of peas for tomorrow's dinner and we plan to pickle some of the beets in the next few days too.

The congo spuds (the heritage ones) have really pretty flowers on. The plants are different from newer varieties; they sprout up from all around the plant rather than just shooting upwards from the seed potato. We hope they're growing well under all that earthing up we did earlier in the year!

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  1. Better go and do some more weeding instead of browsing your weedless site.


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