Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful day today ~24 degrees this afternoon when we were at the plot. There are masses of ladybirds, hoverflies - they love the calendula - and cabbage white butterflies. Didn't find any caterpillars on the cabbages today - we found 2 yesterday :-(
Our Congo purple potato leaves have started to lean over - this may have been because it was windy, because their stems are so big and heavy or because they are almost ready to die back (hopefully because they've reached that stage naturally, rather than through disease!!)

The sweetcorn are still small (less than 2 feet) but the male flowers have already started growing. It seems the weather may have caused short sweetcorn plants - don't know whether we'll get short cobs as a result...
Picked some more lovely coloured carrots, Orla spuds and broad beans for tea. And the obligatory courgette!

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