Sunday, 12 June 2011

Well, it's raining

It's been a weird year (weather-wise) so far - I will update the website with Jan-June information, but the blog starts here!

We spent a couple of hours on the plot this morning - braved the hammering rain and wind. Still the ground isn't actually all that wet.
I planted the 11 sweetcorn plants which have been waiting in the cloche for a couple of weeks. We put the bottle cloches round them to stop them getting blown over or eaten. Noticed that about 5 more sweetcorn have actually germinated too, so that's excellent - will probably plant them out in the next week.

Jamie put the environmesh round the brussels sprout plants - they look happy and no caterpillars or eggs on them yet!!

Pulled a couple of the Rocket potato plants - 1.59kg of spuds

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