Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A few possible problems..

We went to the plot after work, only went to pull some spuds but spent 2 hours up there chatting.
We've had some different problems on the plot this year but blight is certainly on site again as it has been both previous years. A few people have started putting Dithane 945 on their potato plants and tomatoes and we may join them this year. So far our plot seems to have got away with it, but it's bound to succumb.
Found this little soldier beetle on the potato plants.
The broad beans may be big enough by the weekend. Took the top off one of the broad bean plants as it was completely covered with blackfly, but the beans will be fine. The peas (petit pois) have started filling out - we tasted a couple of pod-fuls - so tasty.
The french beans have got their first flower buds and the runner beans have started to climb...
The onions are looking a bit dodgy - they have mildew on them :-( Hopefully they'll continue to bulb up before they go down completely. The shallot tops are dying off so they should be ok....
Congo flower buds
Pulled another Lady ChristL - 1.43kg. Flower buds have appeared on the Congo spuds - 4 of the plants look good but one is really weak.

Picked some lovely colourful chard to go with chives & spuds for tea. Then beetroot and lettuce to add to lunch tomorrow.

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