Sunday, 3 September 2017

Come Together

We were so pleased that we had a hot sunny day for the plotholders' barbecue yesterday.
 I was cooking the veggie burgers, which didn't keep me too busy so I had plenty of time for socialising.
So lovely to spend some proper social time with our allotment friends.
People brought along dishes made from their allotment harvests.
Our moulded cucumbers are there along with some lovely potato salad and courgette muffins.
A couple of the plotholders brought their home-made wines along: Walnut wine - amazing, dark and licoricy; Apple wine - sweet and delicious; Apple and Blackberry wine - my favourite and such a great colour. It was such a beautiful afternoon we stayed long after all the burgers had been eaten.
So now we're planning our next gathering - a bonfire party is appealing and another skittles night. Plus, does a dartboard on an allotment sound like a good idea? I think so!
The Arctic Monkeys' Olympic ceremony version of The Beatles song fits this post perfectly.


  1. Love the cucumbers - you have an amazing community spirit on your site. Don't you have any awkward or unpleasant plot holders?

    1. I really don't think we do have any unpleasant ones. Unless they're night gardeners so we don't get to see them!


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