Monday, 28 August 2017

Little Fluffy Clouds

A second day of blistering heat - how welcome that blue sky is after being such a grey month initially.
Jamie was very busy: weeding and the digging over the area where the potato bags were - that's where our strawbrries are going in, once the runners have formed healthy roots.
I was busy too, sort of. I chopped all the potato haulms off - they've either succumbed to blight or just reached the end of their life. The potatoes will be fine left in the ground for a few more weeks - we've still got plenty to eat at home.
I gave all the plants (tomatoes, squashes and cucumbers) their weekly feed of Tomorite. It's hard work going back and forth from the troughs to the plots with watering cans, but on a lovely sunny day surrounded by nature who could complain?! We have to walk past this empty plot which we (the committee) have left to nature (I want a pond there if the site ever becomes permanent). At least 2 poles are covered in borage and lavender - amazing!
The squashes on Plot46A aren't climbing that well, I hope to go with the idea earlier next year and with a bit more planning (and knowledge of what we're planting!).

They're certainly growing well though - especially the Tromboncini. There are masses of new squashes growing but they won't all mature now. I'm hoping the plants will know which ones aren't worth saving - you may be able to see that the little one in this photo is going brown so I removed it.
The Jumbo Pink Banana is steadily getting bigger and two more little ones have started forming...
And the Mini Munch cucumbers are running rampant. I'm in the process of moulding them into star and heart shapes - so hopefully we'll have some interesting salad for the bbq. 
Of course there are squashes on Plot 3 and Plot 7 too - I'm leaving the Jaune de Vert to use as Winter squash and for the Hungerford Food Festival display.
So, can you guess what we had for dinner? Yep, it had to include a squash, well a spiralized courgette and I couldn't resist doing a little video.

With garlic, tomatoes, dwarf beans and potatoes from the plot and a couple of Quorn Chipotle sausages - delish.

Today's title track is from The Orb - you don't just see little  fluffy clouds in the desert...


  1. Isn't it lovely to listen to the birds singing and the bees buzzing. Your plot looks like a lovely place to be on a warm summer's day. I think of carting watering cans back and forth as my green gym exercise,

    1. We do love it! And it's surely the best kind of excercise!

  2. Just love the tune - great choice!

    1. Thanks, that was one of the easier titles to choose this year!

  3. Tienes una huerta preciosa. Se nota que has trabajado mucho y estas recogiendo los resultados.
    Un beso muy grande.

    1. Muchas gracias! Ayuda cuando el sol brilla! Un beso

  4. It's good to share your excitement and pleasure in your own and neighbours' allotments Belinda


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