Monday, 27 March 2017


The clocks changed this weekend - we're now on British Summer Time. An hour less in bed but, lighter evenings mean plot-time after work -Yay!

It really was a lovely warm and sunny weekend. The butterflies emerged for the sunshine: tortoiseshells, peacocks and brimstones. And the birdsong! Such a pleasure to sit, watch and listen with the sun on your face, in between weeding/tidying/digging of course.
The only clouds were contrails left by high-flying planes
I showed a newcomer to his new 'mini-plot', which we'd just finished the paths on. We're leaving them under weed suppressant for grass-sowing in the Autumn. Our other newcomers were enjoying seeing so many plotholders on the site - probably the busiest weekend of the year so far - certainly the warmest...
Even I was down to my tee-shirt
We spent about 10 hours on the plot over both days - no wonder my arms and legs are aching so much today (and I'm writing this blogpost on Monday lunchtime rather than Sunday evening).

We were pleased to see some of the broad beans and sweet peas have germinated. My tomato seedlings at work still look like straggly cress - I wonder whether they'll ever become plants. Coldplay provide the music for the clocks springing forward to BST.


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