Saturday, 2 July 2011

Everyone loves a Qualcast Panther 30!

We cut the paths where the grass had grown really tall along the edges of the plots and did lots of weeding.

We were at the plot at 8:00 this morning - beautiful and sunny and there were only a couple of other people there. The earth is really dry as you can see from the photo, but there's water not too far down and all the plants are finding it.
Transplanted 8 celery plants, 4 peppers and 2 tomatoes (ones from Carolyn & Paul) onto 8A.
The sweetcorn are looking healthy, as are all the beanies - should get to scoff some tomorrow. The brassicas look good, especially the pretty red cabbage but when you move a leaf you get a face-full of white fly :-{ Chemical warfare is imminent...

Minimum temp of just 5 degrees last night - crazy, no wonder the cucumber is about 10 centimetres tall and has already produced a flower!

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